About the Poster Art


The First Night poster for 2017 is a striking photograph of downtown Northampton captured by Bill Dwight during "the epic winter two years ago that most people recount with grim faces." Graphic design is by Alexis Neubert.

"I'm one of those snow nerds who cherishes winter, winter weather and the winter scenery," says Dwight. "I shot this as one of the Currier and Ives' snowstorms was just ending. My wife and I like slogging through evening snow walks... What can I say? I love this city. I love how it looks. I love its quirks and idiosyncrasies and even its grumpiness."

Bill was born in Holyoke and has lived in Northampton for 30 years. He is a familiar presence around town, having worked at Pleasant Street Video for most of its tenure and later at the Media Education Foundation. Many of us know him from his show on local radio and periodic stage appearances. Now, he slings sweet and savory pies at Florence Pie Bar.

Bill has been a City Councilor for Northampton intermittently since 1996, spending four terms representing Ward 1 and three terms as a Councilor At Large. He is currently City Council President.