About the Poster Art


poz* — is the artist tag and signature of talented German born illustrator, graphic designer, professor and paper-cut artist Peter O. Zierlein. His client list includes The New York Times and other major national and international publications, interior designers, architects and anyone looking for unique and affordable works of art to decorate their walls. This year, he has created a true First Night poster classic, an exciting and eye-popping tribute to his "adopted" hometown.

There's a graphic feel to Peter's work, through his bold lines and sparse detail. "Since all these images are flat art, color becomes more of a symbol than true representation," he says. This gives him the freedom to experiment and place contrasting shades next to each other.

"We moved to the Valley from New York City to raise our child in the countryside," says Zierlein. "After living on Lake Arcadia in Belchertown for many years, and following a short stint in Venice, California, we decided to settle in Northampton, a busy place with culture and artistic flair. We love our neighbors and neighborhood, just a few walking minutes from downtown. My public art, as well as the First Night poster, express my love for this city and its people."

Learn more about poz* at www.peterozierlein.com.