Friends Meeting House

Ellen Clegg

Drum in the New Year with family, friends and community. This is your chance to be in the band. Make music as part of an inter-generational drumming circle with the masterful percussion teacher Ellen Clegg as she dynamically facilitates a rhythm jam together. Listen and join in as inspiration sparks. No experience necessary. Drums are provided.

2-2:45 and 3-3:45 at Friends Meeting House

Strike A Chord!

Strike A Chord started out as a Disney tour band, performing all over the east coast and in Europe, doing a cappella music for fun on the side. Gradually their unaccompanied singing got so popular that now the group is a cappella all the time. Based in Springfield, Strike A Chord!'s eclectic repertoire includes show tunes and gospel music, pop and funk. They love to sing songs by artists like Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, and Boyz II Men and they also throw in some comedy in-between tunes. Always good for a laugh, this is a tight-knit performing group, ready to wow any audience with their sound.

4-4:45 at Friends Meeting House

Northampton Woodwind Quintet

According to their promo kit, the Northampton Woodwind Quintet includes "two actuaries, two teachers, two mathematicians, two siblings, two typeA personalities, two type Bs and one C." It should come as no surprise then that this ensemble is dedicated to the "multiple personalities of the woodwind quintet." For seven years they have been playing original compositions and transcriptions of works for other instruments for Valley audiences. The Northampton Woodwind Quintet makes their own arrangements of works by composers from J. S. Bach to Elvis Costello, and two pieces have been written for the group.

5-5:45 at Friends Meeting House

Banish Misfortune

Banish Misfortune is a marvelous Irish band that takes their name from one of the classic jigs they whipped up at one of their music sessions. This Western Mass sextet features Sean Burke on mandolin (born in County Mayo,) David Brule on fiddle (fluent in Gaelic,) Tim Donoghue on concertina (a well-spring of songs,) Kira Jewett on fiddle (All-Ireland Fiddle Champion,) T.J. Ezold on flute, accordion and banjo (a professional pilot,) and David Meuser on guitar (college writing instructor.) In the chill of winter there is nothing better than a Celtic band firing on all cylinders. In 2015 Banish Misfortune was voted one of the "Top Five Bands in the Valley" in the Valley Advocate Grand Band Slam!

7-7:45 and 8-8:45 at Friends Meeting House

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