Lyman Hall at First Churches

Violet Maeve

As drummer Chris Horn likes to tell it, she was watching a show at Luthier's Coop in Easthampton MA, when she nearly jumped out of her seat, over the table, and on to the stage to get to Carolyn Walker who was performing with the Woman Songwriter Collective. "Will you be in our band?" That band was Taking Back Eden, which eventually gave rise to this new band - Violet Maeve. Continuing in a folk-rock vein, Violet Maeve features Carolyn Walker and Christine Horn with Jen Spingla (vocals, guitar, bass) and Heather Summerlad (violin.) Violet Maeve is working on a new album due out in 2017.

2-2:45 at Lyman Hall at First Churches

Woman Songwriter Collective

The Woman Songwriter Collective features four female troubadours performing in the round. Carolyn Walker, Lisa Marie Ellingsen, Lexi Weege and Christa Joy share the stage, join in each other's songs, and have a blast making music together. With a repertoire that includes folk and blues, acoustic rock and country, these performers create a wonderful community of music.

3-3:45 at Lyman Hall at First Churches

Wishbone Zoë

Wishbone Zoë is an amazing performance artist who specializes in "junkyard rock" and the "distracted storytelling of important things." This avant-indie neuron carnival is the brainchild of Saera K, a multi-faceted musician based out of Massachusetts. By making loud and quiet sounds with banjo, vocal chords, guitar, melodica, bass, trash percussion, radio and old appliances, Wishbone Zoë aims to shatter genre preconceptions, influence your children and eventually break into the Neptunian and Plutonian music scenes.

4-4:45 and 5-5:45 at Lyman Hall at First Churches

The Fawns

The Fawns are one of Northampton's best rock bands, as they demonstrated at this summer's Transperformance benefit, where their portrayal of the Pretenders stole the show. Lead singer and songwriter Lisa Bezo's songs vary in style and mood- sometimes light and sunny, sometimes somber and powerful. The Fawns can delve into country twangle like Neko Case or knock out jagged rockers a la Saint Vincent. This band has an honest, pure sound of their own filled with hooks and grooves, nooks and crannies.

7-7:45 and 8-8:45 at Lyman Hall at First Churches

Chris Scanlon & the Other Guys

The Valley Advocate says that Chris Scanlon "has long-since established himself as one of the area's great homegrown talents." Scanlon and his all-star band, the Other Guys, play folk-rock-pop that is fun for all ages. Scanlon's music moves easily from ballads to anthems with a little scat and funk thrown in. His debut album "U-Turn" on Plaid Jacket Records features songs about growing up in New Jersey. Scanlon said that he didn't set out to write a song cycle about his youth in the Garden State, but he feels there is a little New Jersey in all of us.

9:15-10 at Lyman Hall at First Churches

Carrie Ferguson & the Cherry Street Squad

Carrie Ferguson's original songs range from playfully quirky to soaring pop, from country-tinged folk to straight up rock. Ferguson's band, the Cherry Street Squad, uses a shifting palette of keyboard, guitar, percussion and voices to create live shows that are jubilant affairs, full of humor and warmth, with gorgeous harmonies and toe-tapping rhythms. The Valley Advocate described Ferguson's music as "devilishly catchy folk-pop tunes and melodic ballads, exuberantly heartfelt lyrics...infectious joy."

10:15-11 at Lyman Hall at First Churches

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