Forbes Library

John Porcino

"Winter Wonderland or A Heck of a Way to Stay Warm: Stories and Songs that Celebrate Winter's Hidden Light" is a heck of a title for John Porcino's First Night program. This nationally renowned storyteller and musician will spin a patchwork quilt of his most beloved tales and songs to celebrate the holiday season and warm up the chilly winter's day. Together you'll enter a world were woolen mittens burst into laughter and snow banks melt to reveal a blooming heart.

1-1:45 and 2-2:45 at Forbes Library

Jam with Sam

Join this family jam with charismatic Sam Perry who plays the acoustic guitar and sings wonderful folk-rock and children's music.

3-3:45 and 4-4:45 at Forbes Library

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All First Night performances are family-friendly, but these are especially suitable for younger children.