Theatre 14 at Smith

Paintbox Theatre: The Great Race of the Tortoise & the Hare

Welcome to The International Raceway. Our contestants: The Tortoise and the Hare. Who will win? You probably know the answer, but there will be twists and turns and hilarity before any critters cross the finish line. Paintbox Theatre presents the most famous sports story of all time- "The Great Race of the Tortoise & the Hare." Get ready for lots of cheering and excitement as the Pioneer Valley's theatre of imagination presents this folktale dash for glory.

1-1:45 and 2-2:45 at Theatre 14 at Smith

Valley Light Opera: Hansel and Gretel

Valley Light Opera proudly presents a kid-sized version of the classic Humperdinck opera "Hansel and Gretel." Replete with lovely sets and costumes and the classic tunes that we've all come to love, the story follows the adventurous brother and sister on their journey through the forest. VLO's incomparable artists will be joined by local students in a delightful adaptation of this timeless tale with music directed by Aldo Fabrizi.

4-4:45 and 5-5:45 at Theatre 14 at Smith

The Ha-Ha's

The Ha-Ha's bring the funny to First Night with their popular improv comedy show. Inspired by your suggestions, these comedians create comedy before your eyes. Entertaining the Valley since 2003, these chuckle champs have honed their chops as the hosts of the monthly "Happier Valley Comedy Show." Hold on for the ride as they make everything up as they go!

7-7:45 and 8-8:45 at Theatre 14 at Smith

Lord Elvis

Elvis impersonators are a funny breed. This is why Lord Russ pokes fun at the whole industry of Elvis impersonation, while delivering a spectacular vocal performance unrivaled by even the most seasoned tribute artists. Apart from sounding just like the King, Lord Russ brings his own off-the-cuff sense of humor to the foreground in creating a show that will have you laughing one minute and weeping the next. Lord Russ' love of Elvis is evident in the passion and tenderness he infuses into each song... and a little Karate in a bejeweled jumpsuit and cape doesn't hurt either!

9:15-10 at Theatre 14 at Smith

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All First Night performances are family-friendly, but these are especially suitable for younger children.