World War II Club

Lonesome Brothers

The Lonesome Brothers, Jim Armenti, and Ray Mason, are Americana all-stars, right down to their Converse high-tops. Armenti is the free-wheeling guitarist who walks the high-wire of invention while Mason delivers bankshot basslines like a pool shark. Master drummer Keith Levreault digs in with crackling accompaniment to the Armenti-Mason tag team. The Lonesome Brothers twang-rock will resonate in your soul and kick-start your First Night.

2-2:45 and 3-3:45 at World War II Club

The O-Tones

The O-Tones will get you movin' and groovin' with a fun, danceable mix of swing, Motown, blues, and R&B. Mary Witt, a soulful singer/bass player is joined by Kerry Blount on sax, Walt Chapman on keys and Pieter Struyk on drums. Since 1993, The O-Tones have delighted audiences with great songs from Marvin Gaye to Ella Fitzgerald. Fun for all!

4-4:45 and 5-5:45 at World War II Club

Li'l BeeDee & the Doo-Rites

Li'l BeeDee & the Doo-Rites are on a mission to "do ya right" with up-beat rockabilly and old school rock 'n' roll. Led by the effervescent Lil' Bee Dee (aka Betsy-Dawn Williams) on vocals and guitar this band will get you out on the dance floor and keep you there. With a dynamic lead singer, hot guitar player and jumping piano man this combo has rocked the world from Green Bay to Barcelona.

7-7:45 and 8-8:45 at World War II Club

Trailer Park

Trailer Park is a well-oiled, ten-legged rock and roll machine, powered by electric guitar, bass, drums, and twin tenor saxophones. Since 1994, this band has roamed all over the Northeast firing up their danceable R&B party-starters. With six CDs and 1000 shows under their belt, this band delivers the best in "barbecue music." You'll dance, you'll smile, you'll ring-a-ding in the New Year with this fun-loving party band.

9:15-10 and 10:15-11 at World War II Club

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