A.P.E. Arts

The Mother Pluckers

The heavenly sound of the Mother Pluckers' Celtic harps will fill the A.P.E. Gallery on Main Street. Whether they are playing Celtic or contemporary, the Mother Pluckers' music is rooted in the tradition of Ireland's most iconic national symbol- the ancient harp. The trio is led by the Rosemary Caine, Irish icon of the Pioneer Valley. Everybody sings. Come enjoy songs and stories from the California coast to the Lakes of Killarney.

2-2:45 at A.P.E. Arts

The River LIVE Broadcast

Here is your chance to be part of a live radio broadcast with Joan Holliday from 93.9 The River. Joan hosts a series of excellent performers in this intimate venue. In past years, audiences have enjoyed an inside view of the world of radio and great New Year's Eve performances.

3-5 at A.P.E. Arts

Ray Mason

Ray Mason solo is a complete one-man rock band. Armed with his trusty 1965 Silvertone electric guitar, Mason makes a world of music with his nifty riffs, crafty solos and pop smarts. If you have seen Mason with his own band or as part of the Lonesome Brothers you should see him stripped down- a man and his songs. On his new solo CD, "The Shy Requester," this local legend sings cool tunes about how "Not Everyone Can Live in California" or "I Gave Up Giving Up Drinking." Ray Mason describes his latest work as "solo original rock pop and roll from an old guy with a beat up guitar."

5-5:45 at A.P.E. Arts

Tom McCabe for Grown-ups

Don't miss Tom McCabe's Storytelling for Adults show, "The Queen of Filene's Basement and Other Family Tales." This year Tom is doing a retrospective of stories he has premiered at First Night over the years. "The Queen of Filene's Basement" is about this mother's legendary shopping ability. He'll also share "My Father's Mistress Had Four Tires," the tale of his dad's mid-life affair with an old car and "Our Catholic Dog," an account of his mother's failed attempts to groom their bizarre poodle Bijou.

7-7:45 and 8-8:45 at A.P.E. Arts

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All First Night performances are family-friendly, but these are especially suitable for younger children.